Underground Parking “Gérard Philipe”, Garde, France

Project Information


Architect/Installer: AMS ASCENSEURS

Building Type: Public Building

Elevator Type: MRL-G

Floor stops: 4 (1st elevator) & 5 (2nd & 3rd elevator)

Persons/Weight: 8/630kg

Cabin Type: Panoramic

Door Type: 2 Panel Telescopic 900mm clear opening

Project Description

Gérard Philipe is an undergroud parking that is connected with the central square of Toulon City with 3 Metron’s elevators. At this parking 3 complete machine roomless traction lifts are installed. These lifts have Panoramic cabin suitable for 8 persons with 2 panel telescopic doors with 900mm clear opening. The stops differ in each lift, 4 stops at the first lift and 5 stops to the other two lifts.

What was used