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Caring for Life!

One of Metron’s primary value is people.

As a company, we pay our service to society not only by producing goods, but also by the way we treat human life.

We respect and honor people’s life, starting of our people. We value our people’s life, men and women who are the backbone of our company. We strive to find sustainable solutions, because we respect the environment and every creature that lives in it. But most of all we empathize with every fellow man, every fellow citizen who’s in need of our help.

One of our basic corporate guidelines is set priorities. So, this is what we did in order to define the best way that Metron can make the most impact. And we concluded in four main actions that we believe could make the difference:

  • Gathering money
  • Recycling
  • Sponsoring sports academies
  • Supporting social events

These actions take place in Serres, where Metron Headquarters are, and are joined under a Corporate Social Responsibility program, which is named #Caring for Life. Caring for life includes every act of social solidarity and environmental consciousness. It is led by Metron’s Human Resources Department, whose approach depicts completely the corporate values of Metron.

As of 2014 Metron started the Metron Social Money Box. Metron employees contribute financially to a corporate money box that opens several times per year to help fellow citizens who need financial help to confront livelihood problems, to support the Social Grocery Store, to help children who suffer from rare diseases etc. What makes employees’ contribution more fervent, is the company’s commitment to double the amount that has been concentrated by the staff’s participation. Moreover, Metron organizes events, where all proceeds are used to reinforce Social Money Box. Metron Basketball Tournament 2016 was such an event, where the children of the Icarus Academies, the local basketball academies, pleasantly participated.

Metron could not help it but encourage environmental actions as well. Thus, in terms of Caring for Life, our employees recycle batteries, lamps and lids, the proceeds of which, are donated to organizations such as “Iliaxtida”, the Association of Parents, Friends and Carers of People with Autisim in Serres for the purchase of wheelchairs and other kind of equipment.

Caring for Life though, is not only about supporting the ones in need, it is also about supporting youth, culture and art and all the joyful things in life. Metron constantly supports as sponsor the 1st High School theatrical group, Icarus Basketball Academy and track ’n field academies Serres 93 in their acts. Metron also participates in local events such as 2017’s 1st Serres Music and Art Festival.

In Metron we engineer for life because we care for life!

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