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Values & Vision

Metron’s vision is to build a group of people around the world, both employees and partners, based on Metron brand that is well-trained, creative and able to win in a fair, competitive framework.

For this reason:

  • We work as a team, because the result of teamwork is always better than the result of each member individually.
  • We focus on our “customer”, with the purpose of offering value through every action.
  • We act in a coordinated manner, so that we are compatible with each other and with the common corporate strategy.
  • We focus on the final result, aware of what we want to achieve in the end and without compromising on anything less than the best.

In Metron together with our partners we build our brand identity on 3 axes:

1) People

The foundation on which Metron is built is its human capital, Metron people. Either people on the production lines or people at the front line. All are considered as Metron’s biggest competitive advantage and continuous source of inspiration now and always. Respect, ethos, team spirit and the ability of alignment are timeless values and they secure excellent level of customer service and support.

2) Integrity

Μetron, as a company, aims at long-term trustworthy partnerships, through the establishment of win-win decisions. This goes for our partners, our employees and Metron itself.

3) Creativity

Customer satisfaction is the result of constant improvement and innovation. Creativity for us means flexibility, seeking and finding the right solution in order to meet our clients’ requirements. We are who we are, because we hear our customers, we value their needs and we are ready to improve ourselves and make one step forward. We aim to offer a portfolio so wide as our customers’ needs. We are competitive because we care both for our own future and the future of our partners.

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