Train Stasion, Leszno, Poland

Project Information

Client: Windex Roman Kovalski

Architect/Installer: Windex Roman Kovalski

Building Type: Public Building

Elevator Type: MRL

Floor stops: 2

Persons/Weight: 19/1425kg

Cabin Type: Tempo Inox

Door Type: 2 Panel Telescopic Doors, 1200mm clear opening

Project Description

Leszno railway station is a railway station serving the town of Leszno, in the Greater Poland Voivodeship, Poland. The station that opened in 1856 was a finalist in the “Modernization of the Year 2011” awards, as an example of an object built in the 1970s, which after modernization gained a new facade.

The basic demand of the project was the design of a complete elevator solution that will be user friendly and safe to every passenger while it will be flexible with minimum space usage.

After the careful analysis of the project data, Metron delivered:

✔ 2 Complete Traction Lift
✔ Tempo Inox Cabin
✔ 2 stops
✔ Suitable for 19 persons
✔ 2Panel Telescopic Doors

What was used