Factory ”Hadeland Glassverk”, Jevnaker, Norway

Project Information

Client: Hadeland Glassverk Factory

Architect/Installer: GM Heis AS

Building Type: Industial Building

Elevator Type: MRL-G

Floor stops: 3

Persons/Weight: 13/1000kg

Cabin Type: Tempo Inox

Door Type: 2 Panel Telescopic 900mm clear opening

Project Description

All started in 2016 when the account manager of Hadeland Glassverk Factory decided to upgrade the old traditional factory building. It is one of the oldest industrial companies in Norway with continuous operation until today. The story begins in 1762 and until nowdays is considered the largest glass museum in Scandinavia beacuse you can find glass creations of the last 250 years.

In order to replace the old lift, the account manager started looking for the best solutions. The requirements were set having in mind not only the 190 employees of the factory but also for the visitors of the museum. The renovation of an old building that has a long history was not one of the easiest challenges that Metron had to face. It was absolutely necessary to comply with the rules of renovation and the standards of the Nordic region which were respected and followed faithfully. All this led to the desired result by combining Metron’s dynamics with the reliability of GM Heis AS.

The museum has a tradition of many years so no one wanted to intervene with strong visual elements in the space. For this reason they chose Tempo Inox cabin because it has simple design and refresh the whole project. The museum is just one hour from Oslo, in a picturesque enviremnet south of Lake Randsfjorden. For this reason it is the most popular destination for a day trip.
Metron designed a complete traction elevator system for 13 persons capable of transporting employees and visitors safely.

Delivery, installation and startup of the project were the goals that Metron managed to achieve. Each employee that involved in the project was completely satisfied with the final result.

Once again we have proven that Metron is capable of accomplishing great challenges like in this case.


What was used