Metron’s Showroom.

Metron cabins come to life in Metron’s Showroom, a highly aesthetic and cosy place, where you can take your time and relax while seeing some of the most impressive Metron Cabins in their full shape!

It all began with an idea! The idea of making a homey and friendly place that would drift apart from the typical image of a professional showroom.

Our intention was to make a beautiful and comfortable place to welcome our clients and make them feel like home. This is the way to treat your friends.”

Anna Sandrou
HR Manager

Members of the staff joined forces to make this idea happen and after a couple of months it started taking its final shape! After all, the staff members were the only person that have their opinion at this project. They an use it as a meeting place during lunch and relaxation hours.

At this unique place employees can have a little time off, loosen up and recharge! Just like they do at home. And as we all know there is no place like home, and certainly not a place like Metron’s House Showroom!