Metron FORTH

FORTH is an innovative digital solution born to break the limits allowing you to get the maintenance of your lifts at your fingertips.

Beyond expectations

Explore FORTH and enjoy the freedom that advanced technology offers you by raising the bar for IoT solutions. You are just a push button away from being in front of any lift’s control panel. Log in to your Metron’s Client Portal account from any device with Internet access to:

  • monitor your lifts’ fleet 24/7 at real time with a simple overview on a dashboard
  • remotely make any changes to your lift parameters
  • detect any fault even before the user notices it
  • access to 360o Metron service. You have the choice to do any installation and service hand in hand with us as it enables our experts’ team to remotely assist you, configure your lifts, consult and recommend solutions for quicker and more accurate diagnosis.

Key Benefits

Key Optimized Productivity & Operational Efficiency for You

  • A user-friendly centralised dashboard to view your lifts’ fleet performance with the help of the corresponding colors.
  • 360o Service. Having real-time monitoring, Metron’s experts’ team can consult and recommend solutions for quicker and more accurate diagnosis.

Cost Savings

  • Real-time updates of lift status, on-the-go notifications and shortlists of faults empower you with better planning of the workflow, leading to less time to repair the fault and less operational costs.

Beyond Customers’ Expectations

  • Real-time monitoring and notifications deliver quality service with minimal downtime, sometimes even before the user notices it.

FORTH is a cloud-based digital solution that collects all the important statistics, activities, and performance data of your connected elevators. Just a glance in your monitor, and you get clear insights into your lifts’ fleet knowing their real-time status and operation. Displayed in a simple dashboard, you can easily check the status, the level indicator, the faults and statistics of the lift, safety circuit, doors and many more features.

FORTH is scalable, is intelligent, is secure, is trusted. All communications are well secured through internet secure connections by the SSL certificate that guarantees the most reliable and secure transmission.

How it Works

Effortlessly | Efficiently | Securely.

The “SGL” board connects to the lift controller’s main board through a serial interface and transmits data via a wired network connection (Ethernet port). Connect it to the building’s wired network or a Wi-fi / 3G / 4G router to get wireless communication even through a mobile network (autonomous from the building).

The Challenges.

Elevator service industry has changed dramatically over the last years, while the challenges and pain points multiplied. As lifts are ageing, they become inoperative more often, demand more repair trips and better skilled manpower, require higher service time, increase customers complaints, and overload your daily workflow.

On top, expectations of customer service are constantly growing, competition is getting fiercer while trying to cut down operational costs.

Together We Move Forward to the Future

FORTH is one of Metron’s new game-changing solutions. This innovative and user-friendly tool empowers you to overcome all these challenges and grow your business effortlessly.

As cities’ population increases, the new era of intelligent lifts has begun to offer an efficient solution to meet these challenges. It’s our mission to engineering for life, for a world easily accessible, for the cities of the future. Connectivity is the key element for real-time communication improving workflow planning, maintenance and user experience.

It’s time to simplify your work, empower your business and pave your way to a smarter future.

Connecting to FORTH, you save time, minimize costs, reduce trips and impress your customers’ expectations by transforming an elevator into a smart machine.

Unleash your power with FORTH.