Town Hall, Martigues, France

Project Information

Client: AMS Ascenseurs

Architect/Installer: AMS Ascenseurs

Building Type: Public Building

Elevator Type: Hydraulic Elevator

Floor stops: 2

Persons/Weight: 5/400kg

Cabin Type: Panoramic

Door Type: 2Panel Telescopic Doors, clear opening 900mm

Project Description

Martigues is a city at the Provence–Alpes–Côte d’Azur region of France that is famous for its flowers and gardens and its rapid industrial expansion.

One of the hidden gems of the city is the Town Hall of Martigues that stands proudly on the edge of the Caronte Canal. The 12,000m2 administrative complex unfolds the impressive architecture curiosity of Claude Delaugerre.

As you enter the Hall you meet the mosaics of Jean Bazaine, sculptures by Agustin Cardenas, wallpapers by Ubac and Vinard wallpaper produced by the Aubusson factory.

For Metron, the creation of an inspiring design solution to match the luxury of the space was the challenge.

✔ Complete Hydraulic Elevator System
✔ Panoramic Cabin
✔ 2 Stops
✔ Suitable for 5 persons
✔ 2Panel telescopic Doors

What was used