Commercial Store, Chalkida, Greece

Project Information

Client: bb Bibikas Elevators

Architect/Installer: bb Bibikas Elevators

Building Type: Public Building

Elevator Type: Hydraulic Elevator

Floor stops: 2

Persons/Weight: 26/2000kg

Cabin Type: Moon

Door Type: 4 Panel Central Opening Door, 1700mm clear opening

Project Description

The goal was to go beyond the ordinary and to design a unique cabin of unparalleled design but at the same time of special dimensions with a large lifting capacity of 2 tons.

During the design of the project, the identical booth of Metron, Moon of the Life Desire series was selected for the commercial store in Chalkida.

Anthracite, from the Metron color collection, blends harmoniously with the Mint glass lining of the cabin and in combination with the white granite tile emphasizes the grandeur of the cabin.

✔ Complete Hydraulic Elevator System
✔ 2 stops
✔ Moon Cabin
✔ Suitable for 26 persons
✔ 4 Panel Central Opening Door

The hydraulic lift, which is suitable for carrying loads up to 2000kg, used a new generation electronic valve to offer smooth movement and energy savings.

What was used