Residential Building, Subotica, Serbia

Project Information

Client: Teko Liftovi Doo

Architect/Installer: Teko Liftovi Doo

Building Type: Residential Buildings

Elevator Type: MRL-G

Persons/Weight: 630kg

Cabin Type: Charm

Door Type: 2 Panel Telescopic Doors

Project Description

Subotica (Hungarian: Szabadka) is the fifth biggest city in Serbia where a perfect mix of cultures, styles and languages can be discovered. Unique in Serbia, Subotica is a charming city mostly known for its art nouveau architecture. The city is full of cobbled street, magnificent official buildings and houses with beautiful details and a unique bohemian vibe that is so hard to find elsewhere.

At one of these residential buildings, art paintings were placed at the entrance giving the aura of a gallery. Metron was called to design a MRL G elevator paying special attention to the cabin details. Our design solution was the Charm Cabin where the wooden components harmoniously blend with the space and the details of the house.

✔ Complete Traction Lift System
✔ Charm Cabin
✔ 630kg
✔ 2 Panel Telescopic Door

What was used