Hotel The Editor, Athens, Greece

Project Information

Client: bb Bibikas Elevators

Architect/Installer: bb Bibikas Elevators

Building Type: Hotel

Elevator Type: Hydraulic Elevator

Floor stops: 5

Persons/Weight: 10/750kg

Cabin Type: Prestige

Door Type: 2 panel Telescopic Doors, 900mm clear opening

Project Description

The Editor Athens Hotel: A historic printing house, converted into a state-of-the-art boutique hotel

Created with a deep respect for its heritage, The Editor Athens Hotel in the heart of Athens is echoing the soul of a place, where heyday stories were born, written and printed. This former use of the building, hosting a well-known newspaper print house (Athlitiki Ixo), also explains the concept of the Hotel.

A luxury heaven at the city center, where every detail connects the past and the present within an atmosphere of aesthetic perfection.

A demanding project of inspired architecture and impeccable design where the rich color palette of Metron had to be harmoniously combined with a variety of textures and materials, following the linearity of the space but also giving the feeling of hospitality.

✔ Complete Hydraulic Elevator System
✔ 5 stops
✔ Suitable for 10 persons
✔ 2 Panel telescopic Doors

What was used