Hotel Kiston, Kistowo, Poland

Project Information

Building Type: Hotel

Elevator Type: Hydraulic Elevator

Floor stops: 2

Persons/Weight: 8/630kg

Cabin Type: Silva Inox

Door Type: 2panel Telescopic doors

Project Description

Hotel Kiston is a 4 stars Hotel & Spa situated at the picturesque countryside of Kistowo in Poland. The hotel is surrounded by a beautiful garden offering a stunning view of the lush green scenery. The beautiful green landscapes and the unique and elegant interior design are the elements that distinguish Kiston Hotel.

In such a busy hotel, the elevators operate on a 24/7 basis serving the hotel’s visitors. Safe, fast and comfortable travel of the lift passengers was the main prerequisite of this project along with the energy saving and the outstanding design.

Our solution that won the project was:

✔ Complete Hydraulic Elevator System
✔ Silva Inox Cabin
✔ 2 stops
✔ Suitable for 8 persons
✔ 2Panel Telescopic Doors



What was used