Metron Dinner Party 2020!

On Sunday 18th of January, all the employees of Metron’s Company had the opportunity to celebrate the new year. It was an incredible corporate event and Mr. John Sandros, the chairman of the board, cut the traditional cake. He wished a happy and prosperous year to all of us.

A beautiful night full of presents (for all ages) awards for the employees and many more surprises for everyone.

Metron recognizes and embraces the important moments of its own people and their families with benefits, bonuses and gifts in addition to their standard payroll.

Metron 4U is a Metron voluntary rewarding scheme for its employees, in order to encourage them in important moments in their lives like marriage, the birth of a newborn, 15 years working for Metron and retirement. In addition, Metron gives presents to first year primary school students, a tablet to first year high school students and a cash gift to university students.

The titles honoured were Teamwork, Effective Work, Metron’s best colleague and Metron’s person. This year the award of Metron’s person went to two candidates. 

Metron , focusing on people , always promotes actions that support the local community and our fellow citizens.

In the context of “Caring for life” program, Metron introduced back in 2013 the Metron Money Box, a different money box, that aims to create smiles to our fellow humans in need. Metron believing in the value of charity, committed to be supportive of any efford to raise money for people in need, by doubling every amount raised before allocating it to local charities or directly to families or person in need.

This year, Metron’s people support this money box and the money that we collected was divided between ΚΕ.Θ.ΙΣ, Therapeutic Equestrian Association. All the employees raised 865€  and Metron raised that total to 2000€.

During the evening another surprise awaited our youngest friends. A performing amazing tricks welcomed them at the entrance of the main event hall. Dancing, singing and laughter kept them amused throughout the evening.
Whilst the atmosphere became more relaxed ,there was a special surprise for the staff of Metron. Cool cocktails were served to all the guests. What made it unique was that the names and ingredients of the cocktails were inspired from the new designs of Metron’s cabins.
So, the supporters of Moon cabin tried a fruity cocktail with the same colours, while those who wanted to “travel” to a more tropical place, preferred Charm, based on the cool ,white shades of this cabin.

Metron wishes everyone a happy and prosperous year!!