Metron 4U – Employee Family Gifts 2020

Metron recognizes and embraces the important moments of its own people and their families for 4th consecutive year with benefits, bonuses and gifts in addition to their standard payroll under the Metron 4U program. 

Although, at this stage we are not allowed to be all together due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the “Family Gifts” were given in a simple event which took place in full compliance with safety and prevention protocols, on Tuesday 18 and Friday 19 of March at the company’s Showroom.

Specifically concerning the Family Gifts:

  • Financial support for marriage and the birth of a newborn
  • Presents to first year primary school students
  • Tablet to first year high school students
  • A cash gift to university students.

Let’s renew our appointment for the summer in order to celebrate together and have unique moments honoring and rewarding our people, Metron’s People.

We promise to come back with the most entertaining party and many surprises.