Design to Inspire

Why Is Design So Important?

Today, art and design are more than ever part of our lives and play an important role. Someone designed everything around you. Unfortunately, many things have an unforeseeable design flaw or they simply don’t look good. Like the many boring buildings, we have created to cover the earth.

Can you imagine how boring and dull our daily life would be if no art and no design exist?

Can you imagine your future without design?

Design not only decorates our spaces, it decorates our days, it makes our life more colorful, cheerful, better. It can change people’s lives become better.

Design affects the way we feel

For every person, design means something different. Depending on what something looks like, it makes you feel something different.

A well-documented social-psychology phenomenon is the halo effect that is the tendency for attributing additional positive characteristics to a person, company, brand or product when is it beautiful and eye pleasing.

Imagine entering an impressive hotel lobby that will wow you or entering a premium modern block of offices. And then you meet a poorly designed lift. What would be your first thought? What a disaster? What were they thinking? Tell us honestly, this would ruin your first impression, downgrade the image of the building and your experience too.

Whether it’s something in human nature or an individual “made” trait, everyone enjoys admiring or using beautiful things. People will never stop being attracted to add beautiful and well-designed products in their lives, homes, buildings. It’s one of the things that makes them happy.

But how can design benefit your business?

Firstly, the importance of art and design in daily life is a benefit to a business, it can make you trust a person or a business. Halo effects create strong brand loyalty and consumer retention. And this is yet another reason why good design is important for you.

Designing is easy. But designing well is hard. Good design serves a purpose, communicates a message, and is aesthetically pleasing at the same time. It’s the reason that so many people are willing to invest more money.

At Metron, it’s at the backbone of our philosophy to add this extra value to the solutions we offer with no extra spending. Our lift cabins represent a feat of engineering in a meticulous process that blends artistry and design. An extensive range of colors, textures and shapes that suit any taste, fine materials, incredible craftsmanship can help you increase your sales and sell with a higher efficiency.

Our lift solutions

As in today’s hypercompetitive landscape, everyone is overwhelmed with more and more information, it is no longer enough to deliver just another lift solution for a project. You will need to be armed with the right solutions that will differentiate you from your competitors to close the deal. 

Our product portfolio is so wide as our customers’ needs are. With years of hard work, Metron carries a proud heritage of expertise that allow us to specialize in complete Traction and Hydraulic Lift Solutions that meet every need, every requirement for any type of use and suit even the most complex requirement either for new installation or modernization. Always we are moving forward to transfer our know-how into customer value solutions at competitive prices. At Metron, your customers have the opportunity to create a lift that’s truly reflects their vision.

Metron Cabin Series