Stay strong, stay safe

Dear Partners,

due to the Corona virus pandemic, starting of today Monday 16th of March the following protective measures are coming into force in an effort to contribute to the contention of the disease:

• Every visit of our colleagues to clients and suppliers is cancelled in Greece and abroad.
• Every visit of metron’s clients and suppliers to our premises is cancelled.
• The receiving and delivering of goods in our premises will not be fulfilled unless the involved persons wear a protective mask and comply with all the relevant hygienic requirements.
• We avoid in all circumstances handshakes and intimate contacts.
• Many of our colleagues are working remotely from their homes. Please do not try to contact them from a landline at their office. Instead, prefer electronic means such as Skype.

Following the above mentioned restrictive measures, we protect ourselves and those around us, while at the same time we keep metron fully operational.

Kind regards,
the Chairman of the Board
Mr John Sandros