Royalty Athens Hotel , Athens, Greece

Project Information

Client: ELTECH Αλτσαντζής Κωνσταντίνος Χ.

Architect/Installer: Τασηνίκος Κωνσταντίνος

Building Type: Hotel

Elevator Type: Hydraulic Elevator

Floor stops: 6

Persons/Weight: 8/630kg

Cabin Type: Panoramic

Door Type: 2 Panel Telescopic Door, clear opening 850mm

Project Description

Metron realized a special project in the heart of Athens, just a few meters away from the Acropolis.

Its specialized engineering team analysis and designed the best solution for Royalty Hotel Athens, a hotel with a special aura, unique design and aesthetics.

The main challenge was to ensure that the project would be integrated into the environment, creating a unified identity paying special attention to the harmony of materials and colors.

Metron, took care of the quality in every detail, proposed both aesthetic and technical solutions, carefully designed all the elements providing a “jewel” to the space.

✔ Complete Hydraulic Elevator System
✔ 6 stops
✔ Panoramic Cabin
✔ Suitable for 8 persons
✔ 2 Panel telescopic Doors

The decoration exudes an affordable luxury, where the modern meets the classic providing an exceptional result that impresses. The Brass color from the Metron Color Palette highlights the golden restored details of the space and harmonizes the project with the style of the building.

What was used