Luna automatic doors is the ideal solutions in renovation projects where shaft space is limited. In specific, with its reduced sill and frame dimensions, allows for a larger available shaft depth. Its panels are semi-adjustable, resulting to shorter installation time.

Additional Features:

  • Compliance with EN81-20
  • Metron DC Controller
  • Standard Rescue Operation
  • DC Motor
  • Operating cycles per Year = 600.000
  • Roller Dim (mm) = 48


ModelTotal HeightSill WidthCabin Front
Entrance Return
Clear Opening
Luna – C* 2PT23609050650 – 900
Luna – T* 2PT23606050650 – 900
Luna – T* 3PT23609050700 – 1000
Luna – T* 4PC23607040650 – 900

*Cronus Panels
*Terra Panels

Panels Compatibility

ModelPanles Adjustment Glass PanelsFull Glass PanelsReinforced Sill
Luna – C* 2PTHigh Flexibility
(fully adjustable)
Luna – T* 2PTEasy & Fast Installation
(standard adjustment)
Luna – T* 3PTEasy & Fast Installation
(standard adjustment)
Luna – T* 4PCEasy & Fast Installation
(standard adjustment)

*Cronus Panels
*Terra Panels


Lift Doors:

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Models for Lift Doors:

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Corporate :

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